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    Subject(s):Fiske Fund Prize Essays
    Contents Note:contents. No. 1. WebbT. H.Rheumatism, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1837No. 2. KingD.Purpura hæmorrhagica, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1837No. 3. KingD.Cholera infantum, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1837Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1837xxii, 117; 133; 149.No. 4. FullerJ.Delirium tremens, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1837 Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1837–8xvii, 277; 293.No. 5. FullerJ.What are the causes, nature, and best mode of treatment of scarlatina anginosa?Boston M. S. J.1838xix, 181; 197; 213; 229; 245.No. 6. KingD.Erysipelas, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1840 Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1840xxii, 277; 293.No. 7. ParsonsU.Spinal diseases, both structural and functional; their causes and treatment.8°.Boston1843No. 8. ChapinJ. B.Asthma, its causes and treatment.8°.Boston1843Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1843xxix, 189; 209.No. 9. ChapinJ. B.Tenotomy, its advantages and disadvantages.8°.Boston1844Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1844–5xxxi, 149; 168.No. 10. CoaleW. E.The best mode of treating, and the best apparatus for the management of, fractures of the thigh.Boston M. S. J.1845xxxiii, 29; 49; 69; 89; 109.No. 11. ParsonsC. W.An essay on the question, vis, medicatrix: How far is it to be relied on in the treatment of diseases?8°.Boston1849 Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1849xl, 189–201.No. 12. ClarkH. G.Ship fever, so called; its history, nature, and best treatment.8°.Boston1850No. 13. HookerW.Lessons from the history of medical delusions.8°.New York1850No. 14. HookerW.Homœopathy; an examination of its doctrines and evidences.8°.New York1852No. 15. PeeblesJ. F.On displacements of the nongravid uterus; their local and constitutional effects.8°.Philadelphia1853Also, in: Am. J. M. Sc.Phila.1853n. s., xxvi, 13–54.No. 16. ParsonC. W.Neuralgia, its history, nature, and treatment.8°.Philadelphia1854No. 17. NewmanA.Croup, its history, nature, and treatment.8°.Philadelphia1855No. 18. LeeE.The effects of climate on tuberculous disease.8°.Philadelphia1857No. 19. WarrenE.The influence of pregnancy on the development of tubercles.8°.Philadelphia1857No. 20. HutchinsonD.What are the causes of that disease incident to pregnancy and lactation characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the mouth and fauces, usually accompanied by anorexia, emaciation, and diarrhœa, and what is the best mode of treatment?8°.Philadelphia1857No. 21. BellJ.On the effects of the use of alcoholic liquors in tubercular disease, or in constitutions predisposed to such disease.8°.Philadelphia1859No. 22. SladeD. D.Diphtheria, its nature and treatment; with an account of the history of its prevalence in various countries.8°.Philadelphia1861No. 23. MorlandW. W.The morbid effects of the retention in the blood of the elements of the urinary secretion.8°.Philadelphia1861No. 24. Wanted.No. 25. GaillardE. S.Ozone, its relations to health and disease.8°.Boston1864 Also, in: Boston M. J.1864–5lxxi, 129; 152; 171; 195; 217; 232; 252; 272; 294.No. 26. BeckerA. R.Gunshot wounds, particularly those caused by newly-invented missiles.8°.Boston1865 Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1865lxxii, 49; 72; 91; 113.No. 27. BartholowR.Bromides, their physiological effects and therapeutical uses.12°.Providence1871No. 28. WaringG. E. jr.The causation of typhoid fever.8°.Cambridge1878 Also, in: Boston M. S. J.1878xcix, 65; 101.No. 29. WigginO. C.Artificial feeding of infants.8°.Providence1879No. 30. BanksC. E.Cholera infantum, its causes, nature, and treatment.8°.Providence1879No. 31. ChapinC. V.The sympathetic nerve, its relations to disease.8°.Providence1881No. 32. ChapinC. V.The origin and progress of the malarial fever now prevalent in New England.8°.Providence1884No. 33. ChapinC. V.The present state of the germ theory in disease.8°.Providence1885No. 34. HareH. A.The physiological and pathological effects of the use of tobacco.8°.Philadelphia1885No. 35. ChapinC. V.The methods and practical results of treatment of the malarial diseases now prevalent in New England.8°.Providence1886No. 36. HareH. A.New and altered forms of disease, due to the advance of civilization in the last half century.8°.Philadelphia1886No. 37. FieldJ. B.Membranous enteritis.8°.Providence1887No. 38. ChapinC. V.What changes has the acceptance of the germ theory made in measures for the prevention and treatment of consumption?8°.Providence1888No. 39. ChapinC. V.The roll of ptomaines in infectious diseases.8°.Providence1889No. 40. KnappP. C.The pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of intra-cranial growths.8°.Boston1891No. 41. MartinE.HareH. A.The surgical treatment of wounds and obstruction of the intestines.8°.Philadelphia1891No. 42. LovettR. W.The etiology, pathology, and treatment of diseases of the hip joint.8°.Boston1891No. 43. WolfsteinD. I.The neuron theory as related to brain and nerve diseases, in the light of the most recent investigations.8°.Providence1899
    Type of Resource:Note
    Series/Volume/Page:Series 2/Volume 5/Page 823
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    Author(s):Heineken, P[hilipp Cornelius], [1789– ]
    Reference Note:See Clarke (Sir Charles Mansfield). Beobachtungen über die Krankheiten des Weibes, [etc.]. 8°. Hannover, 1818–23.
    Jurine (Louis). Abhandlung über den Croup. 4°. Leipzig, 1816.
    Marcet (Alexander) [in 1. s.]. Versuch einer chemischen Geschichte [etc.]. 8°. Bremen, 1818.
    Sutton (Thomas) [in 1. s.]. Abhandlung über das Delirium tremens. 8°. Bremen, 1820.
    Type of Resource:Note
    Series/Volume/Page:Series 2/Volume 6/Page 992