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  1. 32095795
    Title:Potentiating bisphosphonate-based coordination complexes to treat osteolytic metastases.
    Author(s):Quiñones Vélez Gabriel G
    Carmona-Sarabia Lesly L
    Rodríguez-Silva Waldemar A WA
    Rivera Raíces Alondra A AA
    Feliciano Cruz Lorraine L
    Hu Tony T
    Peterson Esther E
    López-Mejías Vilmalí V
  2. 32095739
    Title:Low birth weight and PM2.5 in Puerto Rico.
    Author(s):Kirwa Kipruto K
    McConnell-Rios Rafael R
    Manjourides Justin J
    Cordero J J
    Alshawabekeh A A
    Suh Helen H HH
  3. 32095328
    Title:Growth dynamics in Acropora cervicornis and A. prolifera in southwest Puerto Rico.
    Author(s):Weil Ernesto E
    Hammerman Nicholas M NM
    Becicka Rebecca L RL
    Cruz-Motta Juan Jose JJ
  4. 32095327
    Title:Lack of recovery of the long-spined sea urchin Diadema antillarum Philippi in Puerto Rico 33 years after the Caribbean-wide mass mortality.
    Author(s):Tuohy Evan E
    Wade Christina C
    Weil Ernesto E
  5. 32093818
    Title:Disaster recovery after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: Assessment using Endsley's three-level model of situational awareness.
    Author(s):Naor Michael M
    Laor Efraim E
  6. 32092890
    Title:Breast Cancer in a Caribbean Population in Transition: Design and Implementation of the Atabey Population-Based Case-Control Study of Women in the San Juan Metropolitan Area in Puerto Rico.
    Author(s):Rosario-Rosado Rosa V RV
    Nazario Cruz M CM
    Hernández-Santiago Johan J
    Schelske-Santos Michelle M
    Mansilla-Rivera Imar I
    Ramírez-Marrero Farah A FA
    Ramos-Valencia Gilberto G
    Climent Consuelo C
    Nie Jing J
    Freudenheim Jo L JL
  7. 32090133
    Title:The Role of Gut Microbiome Perturbation in Fatigue Induced by Repeated Stress from Chemoradiotherapy: A Proof of Concept Study.
    Author(s):González-Mercado Velda J VJ
    Pérez-Santiago Josué J
    Lyon Debra D
    Dilán-Pantojas Israel I
    Henderson Wendy W
    McMillan Susan S
    Groer Maureen M
    Kane Brad B
    Marrero Sara S
    Pedro Elsa E
    Saligan Leorey N LN
  8. 32088307
    Title:Transcriptome-wide and differential expression network analyses of childhood asthma in nasal epithelium.
    Author(s):Forno Erick E
    Zhang Rong R
    Jiang Yale Y
    Kim Soyeon S
    Yan Qi Q
    Ren Zhao Z
    Han Yueh-Ying YY
    Boutaoui Nadia N
    Rosser Franziska F
    Weeks Daniel E DE
    Acosta-Pérez Edna E
    Colón-Semidey Angel A
    Alvarez María M
    Canino Glorisa G
    Chen Wei W
    Celedón Juan C JC
  9. 32082472
    Title:Video Education to Promote Skin Cancer Awareness and Identification in Spanish-speaking Patients.
    Author(s):Garcia Dante D
    Jefferson Itisha S IS
    Ramirez Pablo P
    Palomino Angelina A
    Adams William W
    Vera Jessica J
    De La Torre Ruby R
    Lee Kristin K
    Elsensohn Ashley A
    Kazbour Hana H
    Tung Rebecca R
  10. 32079635
    Title:Draft Genome Sequences of 16 Halophilic Prokaryotes Isolated from Diverse Environments.
    Author(s):Rodriguez-Medina Joel J
    Kim Hyunsoo G HG
    Castro Julia J
    Contreras Cameron M CM
    Glon Celine L CL
    Goyal Aditi A
    Guo Bonnie Y BY
    Knowles Sarai S
    Lin Jason C JC
    McGuiness Casey L CL
    Sorkin Eldar E
    Stefani Jordan J
    Yegireddi Sai J SJ
    Chaganti Shyama S
    Cui Dante D
    Deck Samuel L SL
    Deokule Yashvi Y
    Douglas Hallie H
    Kenaston Matthew M
    O'Brien Alana A
    Patterson Emily E
    Schoppa Nathan N
    Tran Vo Dean D
    Tran Kelly K
    Tran Thuy-Linh TL
    Pérez-Irizarry Valeria V
    Carrasquillo-Nieves Krismarie K
    Montalvo-Rodriguez Rafael R
    Yao Andrew I AI
    Albeck John G JG
    Facciotti Marc T MT
    Nord Alex S AS
    Furrow Robert E RE
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