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  1. 31633738
    Title:Effect of the Tailored, Family-Involved Hospital Elder Life Program on Postoperative Delirium and Function in Older Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
    Author(s):Wang Yan-Yan YY
    Yue Ji-Rong JR
    Xie Dong-Mei DM
    Carter Patricia P
    Li Quan-Lei QL
    Gartaganis Sarah L SL
    Chen Jie J
    Inouye Sharon K SK
  2. 31633051
    Title:Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: A rare complication of acute pancreatitis.
    Author(s):Shah Jimil J
    Mandavdhare Harshal S HS
    Birda Chhagan Lal CL
    Dutta Usha U
    Sharma Vishal V
  3. 31631300
    Title:[Antipsychotic pharmacotherapy for delirious syndrome - only temporary, symptom- oriented and considering QTc time (short version)].
    Author(s):Schwerthöffer Dirk D
    Förstl Johannes J
    Fatke Bastian B
  4. 31630833
    Title:Turning Oral Presentations at the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry's Annual Meeting Into Published Articles: A Review and Analysis.
    Author(s):Cromwell Julia C JC
    Daunis Daniel J DJ
    Stern Theodore A TA
  5. 31630256
    Title:How successful are we in relieving terminal dyspnea in cancer patients? A real-world multicenter prospective observational study.
    Author(s):Mori Masanori M
    Morita Tatsuya T
    Matsuda Yoshinobu Y
    Yamada Hirohide H
    Kaneishi Keisuke K
    Matsumoto Yoshihisa Y
    Matsuo Naoki N
    Odagiri Takuya T
    Aruga Etsuko E
    Watanabe Hiroaki H
    Tatara Ryohei R
    Sakurai Hiroki H
    Kimura Akira A
    Katayama Hideki H
    Suga Akihiko A
    Nishi Tomohiro T
    Shirado Akemi Naito AN
    Watanabe Toshio T
    Kuchiba Aya A
    Yamaguchi Takuhiro T
    Iwase Satoru S
  6. 31630075
    Title:Patient characteristics, ICU-specific supports, complications, and outcomes of persistent critical illness.
    Author(s):Jeffcote Toby T
    Foong Monica M
    Gold Grace G
    Glassford Neil N
    Robbins Raymond R
    Iwashyna Theodore J TJ
    Darvall Jai J
    Bagshaw Sean M SM
    Bellomo Rinaldo R
  7. 31628613
    Title:Care challenges in older general hospital patients : Impact of cognitive impairment and other patient-related factors.
    Author(s):Hendlmeier Ingrid I
    Bickel Horst H
    Heßler-Kaufmann Johannes Baltasar JB
    Schäufele Martina M
  8. 31628611
    Title:Multicomponent, nonpharmacological delirium interventions for older inpatients : A scoping review.
    Author(s):Eckstein Claudia C
    Burkhardt Heinrich H
  9. 31628538
    Title:Experimental analysis of the onset mechanism of TdP reported in an LQT3 patient during pharmacological treatment with serotonin-dopamine antagonists against insomnia and nocturnal delirium.
    Author(s):Kambayashi Ryuichi R
    Hagiwara-Nagasawa Mihoko M
    Goto Ai A
    Chiba Koki K
    Izumi-Nakaseko Hiroko H
    Naito Atsuhiko T AT
    Matsumoto Akio A
    Sugiyama Atsushi A
  10. 31625949
    Title:A Protocol-Driven, Bedside Digital Conversational Agent to Support Nurse Teams and Mitigate Risks of Hospitalization in Older Adults: Case Control Pre-Post Study.
    Author(s):Bott Nicholas N
    Wexler Sharon S
    Drury Lin L
    Pollak Chava C
    Wang Victor V
    Scher Kathleen K
    Narducci Sharon S
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