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  1. 5709210
    Title:The Intensive Care Delirium Research Agenda: A Multinational, Interprofessional Perspective
    Author(s):Pratik Pandharipande
    E. Wesley Ely
    Rakesh C. Arora
    Michele C. Balas
    Malaz Boustani
    Gabriel Heras La Calle
    Colm Cunningham
    John W. Devlin
    Julius Elefante
    Jin H. Han
    Alasdair MacLullich
    José R. Maldonado
    Alessandro Morandi
    Dale M. Needham
    Valerie J Page
    Louise Rose
    Jorge I.F. Salluh
    Tarek Sharshar
    Yahya Shehabi
    Yoanna Skrobik
    Arjen Slooter
    Heidi AB Smith
  2. 6215363
    Title:CSF sTREM2 in delirium—relation to Alzheimer’s disease CSF biomarkers Aβ42, t-tau and p-tau
    Author(s):Kristi Henjum
    Else Quist-Paulsen
    Henrik Zetterberg
    Kaj Blennow
    Lars N. G. Nilsson
    Leiv Otto Watne
  3. 4928278
    Title:Cerebrospinal fluid levels of neopterin are elevated in delirium after hip fracture
    Author(s):Roanna J. Hall
    Leiv Otto Watne
    Ane-Victoria Idland
    Johan Raeder
    Frede Frihagen
    Alasdair M. J. MacLullich
    Anne Cathrine Staff
    Torgeir Bruun Wyller
    Durk Fekkes
  4. 4336683
    Title:The protocol of the Oslo Study of Clonidine in Elderly Patients with Delirium; LUCID: a randomised placebo-controlled trial
    Author(s):Bjørn Erik Neerland
    Karen Roksund Hov
    Vegard Bruun Wyller
    Eirik Qvigstad
    Eva Skovlund
    Alasdair MJ MacLullich
    Torgeir Bruun Wyller
  5. 4207319
    Title:Concordance between DSM-IV and DSM-5 criteria for delirium diagnosis in a pooled database of 768 prospectively evaluated patients using the delirium rating scale-revised-98
    Author(s):David J Meagher
    Alessandro Morandi
    Sharon K Inouye
    Wes Ely
    Dimitrios Adamis
    Alasdair J Maclullich
    James L Rudolph
    Karin Neufeld
    Maeve Leonard
    Giuseppe Bellelli
    Daniel Davis
    Andrew Teodorczuk
    Stefan Kreisel
    Christine Thomas
    Wolfgang Hasemann
    Suzanne Timmons
    Niamh O’Regan
    Sandeep Grover
    Faiza Jabbar
    Walter Cullen
    Colum Dunne
    Barbara Kamholz
    Barbara C Van Munster
    Sophia E De Rooij
    Jos De Jonghe
    Paula T Trzepacz
  6. 4259987
    Title:Quantitative proteomics of delirium cerebrospinal fluid
    Author(s):A Poljak
    M Hill
    R J Hall
    A M MacLullich
    M J Raftery
    J Tai
    S Yan
    G A Caplan
  7. 3640527
    Title:Delirium in Hospitalized Patients: Implications of Current Evidence on Clinical Practice and Future Avenues for Research—A Systematic Evidence Review
    Author(s):Babar A. Khan
    Mohammed Zawahiri
    Noll L. Campbell
    George C. Fox
    Eric J. Weinstein
    Arif Nazir
    Mark O. Farber
    John D. Buckley
    Alasdair MacLullich
    MRCP (UK)
    Malaz A. Boustani
  8. 5503267
    Title:Perioperative hemodynamics and risk for delirium and new onset dementia in hip fracture patients; A prospective follow-up study
    Author(s):Bjørn Erik Neerland
    Maria Krogseth
    Vibeke Juliebø
    Anette Hylen Ranhoff
    Knut Engedal
    Frede Frihagen
    Johan Ræder
    Torgeir Bruun Wyller
    Leiv Otto Watne
  9. 4157329
    Title:At the extreme end of the psychoneuroimmunological spectrum: Delirium as a maladaptive sickness behaviour response
    Author(s):Colm Cunningham
    Alasdair MJ MacLullich
  10. 3819184
    Title:Consensus and variations in opinions on delirium care: a survey of European delirium specialists
    Author(s):A. Morandi
    D. Davis
    J. K. Taylor
    G. Bellelli
    B. Olofsson
    S. Kreisel
    A. Teodorczuk
    B. Kamholz
    W. Hasemann
    J. Young
    M. Agar
    S. E. de Rooij
    D. Meagher
    M. Trabucchi
    A. M. MacLullich
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