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  1. t0258630000
    Incipit:(R)es omniformes ex quibus scientia perficitur sunt due
    Cross Reference(s):Res omniformes ex quibus scientia
    Alternate Title:Comm. super sphera materiali (Johannis de Sacrobosco)
    Location: City:Erfurt
    Location: Library:Universitäts- und Forschungsbibliothek Erfurt/Gotha, Amplonian Collection F.380
    Folios/Pages:ff. 93-121
    TK Number:1352A
  2. t0000020000
    Incipit:A Achelous Aetolie primus
    Cross Reference(s):Quanto ingenio ac studio fili
    Author(s):Vibius Sequester
    Alternate Title:De fluminibus
    Notes/BibInfo:Riese (1878), 145-158
    TK Number:0001B
  3. t0000260000
    Incipit:A Grecis dicitur arnoglossa Galli vocant
    Alternate Title:Herbarium (Epistola Platonis ad cives suos de herba plantagine)
    Location: City:Oxford
    Location: Library:Bodleian, Digby 69
    Folios/Pages:ff. 30r-61v
    Subject(s):Herbs and herbal medicine
    TK Number:0002G
  4. t0000010000
    Incipit:A a domine deus ecce nescio loqui
    Cross Reference(s):A in primis notare possumus
    Author(s):Berchorius, Petrus
    Alternate Title:Repertorium morale
    Location: City:Arras
    Location: Library:Arras, Bibliothèque de la ville 436
    Notes/BibInfo:2 vols.
    GW 3866-67
    IAL B296-97
    no folio numbers
    TK Number:0001A
  5. t0000030000
    Incipit:A ad pondera et mensuras medicinales metrus id est
    Cross Reference(s):Metrus id est mensura media
    Alternate Title:De mensuris medicinalibus
    Location: City:Brussels
    Location: Library:Bibliothèque royale 4565
    Folios/Pages:f. 22v
    Subject(s):Weights and measures
    TK Number:0001C
  6. v0074560000
    Incipit:A an hot winter a summer with tempests where shall yield good bushels abundance of garden
    Language:Middle English
    Location: City:Cambridge
    Location: Library:Magdalene College Cambridge Pepys 1236
    Folios/Pages:f. 88v
    Subject(s):Prognostication, by dominical letter
    eVK Number:0565.00
  7. t0000040000
    Incipit:A autem est mentastrum autem est species camphore
    Alternate Title:Practica medicinalis
    Location: City:Vatican City
    Location: Library:Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, fondo Palatino latino 1292
    Folios/Pages:ff. 1r-(248)va
    Subject(s):Herbs and herbal medicine
    Recipes, medical
    TK Number:0001D
  8. v0093050000
    Incipit:A bath is one of the miracles of this world and it is boiled after the four
    Language:Middle English
    Author(s):Aristotle, Attributed
    Alternate Title:Book that Aristotle sent to Alexander, The (excerpt)
    Location: City:London
    Location: Library:BL, Sloane 2170
    Folios/Pages:ff. 47-53 (excerpt)
    eVK Number:0566.00
  9. v0082880000
    Incipit:A bed made of agnus castus abateth a mans lust and appetite to women also wash his privy
    Cross Reference(s):Aloe is hot and dry
    Language:Middle English
    Alternate Title:Circa Instans (excerpt)
    Location: City:London
    Location: Library:BL, Sloane 297
    Folios/Pages:ff. 72-78v (5 plants) (excerpt) (incomplete)
    Subject(s):Herbs and herbal medicine
    Notes/BibInfo:Garrido Anes 2004 discusses ME MSS tradition of Circa Instans
    Thorndike SourceNumber=0211C
    eVK Number:0567.00
  10. v0037620000
    Incipit:A betokens might and power B betokens love of man C betokens love of great men or envy
    Language:Middle English
    Prologue Incipit:These been the knowing of
    Location: City:Oxford
    Location: Library:All Souls College 81
    Folios/Pages:f. 186v (incomplete)
    Prognostication, by dreams
    Prognostication, by letters of Psalter
    eVK Number:0568.00
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