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  1. 40107301620
    Author(s):United States. War Department. Army regulations
    Title:Letter from the Secretary of War transmitting copy of a letter addressed to Col. Henry G. Sharpe, Commissary of Subsistence, San Juan, Porto Rico, suggesting that steps be taken to secure some fitting testimonial in recognition of the hospital work performed by Margaret Livingston Chanler and Anna Bouligny in Porto Rico during the recent campaign. 55. Congr. 3. sess. S. Doc. 54 Jan. 10, 1899
    Subject(s):Army United States: Nurse Corps
    Pagination:3 p.
    Place of Publication:Wash.
    Date of Publication:[1899]
    Type of Resource:Monograph
    Series/Volume/Page:Series 4/Volume 1/Page 730
  2. 40701841370
    Author(s):United States. War Department. Surgeon General's Office.
    Title:Military government of Porto Rico from October 18, 1898, to April 30, 1900; appendices to the report of the military governor; epitome of reports; I. The Superior Board of Health; II. The Board of Charities.
    Subject(s):Health Organization [ by localities ] Puerto Rico, U. S. A
    Place of Publication:Wash.
    Date of Publication:1901
    Type of Resource:Monograph
    Series/Volume/Page:Series 4/Volume 7/Page 184
  3. 40800821620
    Title:Illinois biological monographs.
    Place of Publication:Urban, Ill.
    Pagination:v. 1
    Date of Publication:1914–
    Contents Note:contents Vol. 1 (1914–15)1–2. A revision of the cestode family Proteocephalidae G. R. La Rue.3. Studies on the cestode family Anoplocephalidae. H. Douthitt.4. Some North American larval trematodes. W. W. Cort.Vol. 2 (1915–16)1. Classification of lepidopterous larvae. S. B. Fracker.2. On the osteology of some of the Loricati. J. E. Gutberlet.3. Studies on gregarines. E. Watson.4. The genus Meliola in Porto Rico. F. L. Stevens.Vol. 3 (1916–17)1. Studies on the factors controlling the rate of regeneration. C. Zeleny.2. The head-capsule and mouth-parts of Diptera. A. Peterson.3. Studies on North American Polystomidae, Aspidogastridae, and Paramphistomidae. H. W. Stunkard.4. Color and color-pattern mechanism of tiger beetles. V. E. Shelford.Vol. 4 (1918)1. Life history studies on Montana trematodes. E. C. Faust.2. The goldfish (Carassius carassius) as a test animal in the study of toxicity. E. B. Powers.3. Morphology and biology of some Turbellaria from the Mississippi Basin. R. Higley.4. North American pseudophyllidean cestodes from fishes. A. R. Cooper.Vol. 5 (1919–20)1. The skull of Amiurus. J. E. Kindred.2. Contributions to the life histories of Gordius robustus Leidy and Paragordius varius (Leidy) H. G. May.3–4. Studies on Myxosporidia; a synopsis of genera and species of Myxosporidia. R. Kudo.Vol. 6 (1920–21)1. The nasal organ in Amphibia. G. M. Higgins.2–3. Revision of the North American and West Indian species of Cuscuta. T. G. Yuncker.4. The larvae of the Coccinellidae. J. H. Gage.Vol. 7 (1922–23)1. Studies on gregarines; synopsis of the polycystid gregarines. M. W. Kamm.2. The molluscan fauna of the Big Vermilion River, Illinois. F. C. Baker.3. North American monostomes. E. C. Harrah.4. A classification of the larvae of the Tenthredinoidea. H. Yuasa.Vol. 8 (1923–24)1. The head-capsule of Coleoptera. F. S. Stickney.2. Comparative studies on certain features of nematodes and their significance. D. C. Hetherington.3. Parasitic fungi from British Guiana and Trinidad. F. L. Stevens.4. The external morphology and postembryology of noctuid arvae. L. B. Ripley.Vol. 9 (1924)1. The calciferous glands of Lumbricidae and Diplocardia. F. Smith.2–3. A biologic and taxonomic study of the Microsporidia. R. Kudo.4. Animal ecology of an Illinois elm-maple forest. A. O. Weese.Vol. 10 (1925–27)1. Studies on the avian species of the cestode family Hymenolepididae. R. L. Mayhew.2. Some North American fish trematodes. H. W. Manter.3. Comparative studies on furcocercous cercariae. H. M. Miller.4. A comparison of the animal communities of coniferous and deciduous forests. I. H. Blake.Vol. 11 (1927–28)1. An ecological study of southern Wisconsin fishes. A. R. Cahn.2. Fungi from Costa Rica and Panama. F. L. Stevens.3. The structure and development of Corallobothrium. H. E. Essex.4. Caryophyllaeidae of North America. G. W. Hunter, III.Vol. 12 (1929–34)1. Morphological studies on the genus Cercospora. W. G. Solheim.2. Morphology, taxonomy, and biology of larval Scarabaeoidea. W. P. Hayes.3. Sawflies of the sub-family Dolerinae of America north of Mexico. H. H. Ross.4. A study of fresh-water plankton communities. S. Eddy.Vol. 13 (1934–35)1. Studies on some protozoan parasites of fishes of Illinois. R. R. Kudo.2. The papillose Allocreadiidae; a study of their morphology, life histories, and relationships. S. H. Hopkins.3. Evolution of foliar types, dwarf shoots, and cone scales of Pinus. C. C. Doak.4. A monographic rearrangement of Lophodermium. L. R. Tehon.Vol. 14 (1935–36)1. Development of the pectoral limb of Necturus maculosus. H. K. Chen.2. Studies on North American Cercariae. E. L. Miller.3. Studies on the morphology and life history of nematodes in the genus Spironoura. J. G. Mackin.4. The life history of Cotylophoron cotylophorum, a trematode from ruminants. H. J. Bennett.Vol. 15 (1937)1. Experimental studies on Echinostoma revolutum (Froelich) a fluke from birds and mammals. P. C. Beaver.2. Generic classification of nearctic sawflies. H. H. Ross.3. Studies on the biology of the crayfish Cambarus propinquus Girard. W. C. Van Deventer.4. Taxonomic studies on the mouth parts of larval Anura. R. J. Nichols.Vol. 16 (1937–38)1–2. The turtles of Illinois. A. R. Cahn.3. The phylogeny of the Hemiptera, based on a study of the head capsule. C. S. Spooner.4. A classification of the larvae and puparia of the Syrphidae of Illinois, exclusive of aquatic forms. E. M. Heiss.Vol. 17 (1938–40)1. Comparative studies on trematodes (Gyrodactyloidea) from the gills of North American fresh-water fishes. J. D. Mizelle.2. The Microthyriaceae. F. L. Stevens & Sister M. Hilaire Ryan.3. The Branchiobdellidae (Oligochaeta) of North American crayfishes. C. J. Goodnight.4. Cytological observations on Endamoeba blattae. P. A. Meglitsch.Vol. 18 (1941–42)1. Generic relationships of the Dolichopodidae (Diptera) based on a study of the mouth parts. Sister Mary Bertha Cregan.2. Studies on Gregarina blattarum with particular reference to the chromosome cycle. V. Sprague.3. Territorial and mating behavior of the house wren. S. C. Kendeigh.4. The morphology, taxonomy, and bionomics of the nemertean genus Carcinonemertes. A. G. Humes.Vol. 19 (1942– )1–2. The ostracods of Illinois; their biology and taxonomy. C. C. Hoff.3. The genus Conotrachelus Dejean (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in the North Central United States. H. F. Schoof.
    Type of Resource:Monograph
    Series/Volume/Page:Series 4/Volume 8/Page 82